Ethics For COINTELPRO Criminals #6



The more serious problem is that the organized stalkers not only steal others’ privacy, but also lie as if no one would do such things. Their old trick is to make up a childish story that the targeted person is a terrorist, etc, and self-justify their own crimes – stalking, torturing, and stealing others’ privacy (Rich, 2009).

  If the perpetrators really believe what they are doing is legally, morally, and ethically right, they would not have to hide it. However, when their stalking / harassment activities are pointed at, the perpetrators lie that the victims’ claim is a schizophrenic delusion. Henece, it can be said that the perpetrators' true motivation is not “community policing.” Rather, they enjoy watching victims being afflicted, and satisfy their own catharsis. For this aspect, Rich (2009) analyzes that the organized staliking / harassment crimes are a type of hate crime. As a matter of fact, racists or not, it is obvious that the perpetrators are extremely selfish, who claim their own rights while they do not respect even the basic human rights of others – that is, privacy. In other words, they do not regard others as equal person. Not to mention, these activities, so called COINTELPRO, ruined American democracy as the book “War AT Home” reports (Glick, 1989).

   After all, no matter how many hours the COINTELPRO perpetrators spend peeping into others’ privacy, they cannot figure out their own nation’s problem – How could people be moral when the police are stealing and lying everyday?  Consequently, this country now has the highest crime rate among developed countries despite that there are more “community police” than in East-Germany during the Stasi era (Goldestein, 2002). Besides, horrible incidents like school shooting occur more often than any other countries. Thus, is it not time to look at what we do rather than peep what others do? "Honesty is the best policy" is not an old cliche. Only this way will the country regain respect from the world people.



Glick, Brian. War at Home: Covert Action against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About It. Boston, MA: South End Press, 1989. Print.

Goldstein, R. (2002).  US Planning to Recruit One in 24 Americans as Citizen Spies. Sunday Morning Herald |, Monday, 15 July, 2002.

Mark M. Rich, The Hidden Evil,, 2009

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The Writer of 『拝啓 ギャングストーカー犯罪者の皆様』(Dear COINTELPRO Criminals) and <集団ストーカーの死> The Death of Gangstalker; also Co-Editor of 「新しいタイプの人権侵害・暴力」 Unprecedented Human Rights Violation

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