Ethics For COINTELPRO Criminals #5


   Another obstacle to ethical use of the mind reading technology is some people’s limitless greed for money – that is, the dark side of capitalism. Those who are rich and in power have kept secret the existence of mind reading machines so they can monopolize the benefits gained from the new invention. Thus, if we are to make use of the latest technologies of neuroscience for public interests, first we have to tacle the problem of greed of people who make money from neuroscience technologies.

On the other hand, recently, some scientists and companies openly started business using the mind reading technologies. For example, in 2008 in London, a neuroscientist Gemma Calvert, founded a corporation of so called “neuromarketing” which sells private information taken directly from the people’s brain through a thought-identifying machine. According to Calvert, their clients are mainly from big corporations who want to know consumers’ mind.  

   Concerning Calvert’s buziness, some critics raise ethical questions on buying/selling the ultimate privacy of humans – information in the brain. It is understandable that some people may frown upon making money with private information. Nonetheless, this may not be unprecedented business because in porn industry for decades, females have voluntarily sold their own privacy. Hence, as long as the sellers agree with trading their own privacy, the issue seems to be just a matter of commercialism.       

   However, the more unethical problem is that currently the mind reading machines are monopolizedly used for “stealing” people’s privacy by the countries which own the mind control system (Kilde, 2008). According to Dr. Kilde, MD, it appears that those “stolen” information are collected as data to further develop mind control technologies. At the same time, those who want to keep the mind reading machines secret organize stalking / harassment groups, and use the technologies to torture people who try to make the facts public. By doing so, the perpetrators can make the victims look like a paranoia-schizophrenia, and neutralize the victims' claims. These secret crimes are what is called “Gang Stalking,” which is nowadays world widely reported by thousands of victims, particularlly in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Not to mention, these unethical activities urged by ugly greed are conducted under the name of “National Security.”  

 Therefore, I humbly suggest that those scientists and engineers who engage in developing mind control technologies had better acquire self-control skills first. What they need to do is to reduce their greed for money, power, and fame rather than attempt to control other people for their self-interest.



Kilde, R. (2008). MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL: Modern torture and Control Mechanisms eliminating human rights and privacy.


Neuromarketing 2008 - Prof Gemma Calvert [Retreived on Jan. 19, 2013]


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