Ethics For COINTELPRO Criminals #3

How Can Pyschologists Be Ethical?

   In the journal #1, absurdity of immoral experiments was discussed. In addition, the journal #2 pointed at useless ethical codes unless properly observed. Accordingly, we should be cautious when experiments that include any inhumanity are attempted. In fact, research on cruelty could be used for the opposite purposes such as an intentional torturing. For example, Seligman conducted the famous animal experiment in the U.S. Military School called SERE. There he found “Learned Helplessness.” In this research he succeeded in identifying some causes of depression. However, his findings were used in order to develop new techniques of torturing people by the U.S. Military (Ehrenreich, 2009). The discovery of the ways of sufferings was abused to intentionally cause sufferings to people. Concerning the issue, Myer (2005) reported in her journal the details of the U.S. Military’s inhumane experiments for developing the torturing techniques.

The SERE (the U.S. Military school) affiliate…said that “some of the folks” associated with the program seemed to enjoy using manipulative techniques. “They’d play these very aggressive roles, week after week”…Although there is no scientific basis for believing that coercive interrogation methods work better than less aggressive ones, the affiliate said that some of the sere psychologists he knew believed that to get someone to talk “you have to hurt that person” (Myer, 2005).

Moreover, retired Army Colonel, Patrick Lang, who had joined the SERE school, also testified as follows:

“Once, I was on the other side of the exercise, acting as captor and interrogator... You can manipulate people. And most people like power. I’ve seen some of these doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists who really think they know how to do this…it’s very easy to go too far” (Myer, 2005).

Accordingly, in addition to the Seligman’s method of afflicting animals into depression, various torturing techniques were exercised by the U.S. Military under the name of national security. One of their methods is called “noise stress.” This technique was actually used upon Guantánamo detainees around 2003. The detainees had “been subjected to blaring audiotapes of loud music, cats meowing, and human infants wailing.” Another cruel torturing technique was used, such as wrapping up the Quran with an Israeli flag and stomping on it in front of the Muslim detainees. Consequently, a mass suicide was attempted at Guantánamo, in August, 2003, in which “two dozen or so detainees tried to hang or strangle themselves” (Myer, 2005).

 It may not be surprising that the development of psychological manipulation techniques is utilized to satisfy men’s primitive desires. Twymann (2008) collected experts and survivers testimonies about sex-slaves for those rich and in power including the U.S. presidents, and he published the book “Mind Controlled Sex Slaves And The CIA.” The book reports that trauma-based psychological studies were abused to mind control the subjects into sex-slaves, many of whom were children.
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     The fundamental problem that underlies all these shameless misdeeds is that the perpetrators covered their work under the name of “National Security.” Thus, check and balance is required in scientific experiments as well. There should be a more powerful checking system which can examine if researchers are properly observing their ethical codes. Besides, the system should be completely independent from any political and even academic authorities —and ideally, an international organization should become an observer. 
     Moreover, it has to be mandated for experimenters to participate in their own experiments at least once as a human subject in order to prove the safty of the experiment. Otherwise, the ethical codes for the Psychologists would be a mere name.This is not the case of coersion because this rule does not force “the other people” to get involved. Besides, if an experimenter feels that his/her experiment is too risky, he/she should call off such a dangerous plan in the first place.
    Furthermore, the experimenters should first ask their family members to be the subjects. Otherwise, how could we trust such an insecure experiment that the experimenter cannot allow the family to participate? In this manner, no one would dare to design an experiment which can make their wife, sisters, or daughters sex-slaves.





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