Mindfulness For COINTELPRO Victims #2

Psychology Abused


    Concerning causes of depression, compare the Stasi's instruction,"Perception," to the Seligman's psychological theory,"Learned Helplessness." You will find significant similarities between these two concepts. Learned Helplessness often leads to depression, and depression often causes suicide. To get victims to commit suicied is one of the two major goals of organized stalking/harassment as Rich pointed out in his book, “The Hidden Evil.” This is an evidence that psychological studies are abused in COINTELPRO and other power crimes. The most famous example in the U.S. history is Martin Luther King Jr., who was forced to commit suicide by FBI agents several times (Goodman, et al, 2007). Furthermore, Dr. Shibata (2012), who has been victimised by the organaized stalking/harassment for years in Europe and the U.S., recently published a book based on her own experiences of cruel harassment/tortures. In the book, Dr. Shibata reported that the perpertrators of these organized crimes are very familiar with theories in Social Psychology. Therefore, we should get familiar with psychological studies as well--particulalry therapeutic methods for depression-- in order to protect our and other innocent victims' life from the evil power crimes.


 I later found instructions to operatives on ways of crippling ‘oppositional’ people… It comes from the Directive 'Perceptions' ('Richtlinien, Stichpunkt Wahrnehmung'). It aims:


To develop apathy (in the subject)...to achieve a situation in which his conflicts, whether of a social, personal, career, health or political kind are irresolvable…to give rise to fears in him.....to develop/create disappointments.....to restrict his talents or capabilities.....to reduce his capacity to act and.....to harness dissentions and contradictions around him for that purpose....


On 18 January 1989—long before anyone could foresee the October demonstrations of that year—the state issued a further refined Directive called 'Zersetzungsmassnahmen'. The German word Zersetzung is harsh, and has no direct English equivalent… Zersetzung, as a concept, involves the annihilation of the inner self. The Directive recommended these methods:


[the] targetted spreading of rumours about particular persons with the aid of anonymous and pseudo-anonymous letters…making compromising situations for them by creating confusion over the facts ... [and] the engendering of hysterical and depressive behaviours in the target person (Funder, 2004).


"Learned Helplessness"
Learned Helplessness has also been related to certain forms of depression (Seligman, 1975). People who suffer a series of uncontrollable aversive events – loss of a job, pysically illness, divorce, and so on – may become extremely passive and despondent. Like animals exposed to inescapable shock, they show little interest in improving their lot in life (Russell, et al, 2009, p. 366).

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