Gyaku-gire (逆ギレ)

Gyaku-gire(逆ギ): being angry at someone who would normally be angry at you; situation wherein the offender is angry at the victim (Weblio Dictionary).

     Gyaku-gire is a Japanese slang which describes the state of person A being angry, instead of appologetic, at person B who is supposed to be angry at A’s wrong doings. For example, on my final exam day, Dec. 3, 2012, my landlord (abribiated as "L") came and parked his car in the middle of the drive way so my car parked inside was blocked. Consequently, I was late for the final exam. This was not the first time. He did the same things before especially when I was busy because I had an important event. On that day as well, I had a final exam and was late about 40 minutes. Apparently, this is a typical COINTELPRO harassment. As a matter of fact, the landlord daily cooperated with organized stalking/covert harassment against me. Anyways, he was supposed to appologize to me for causing inconvenience on the morning of final exam. Nevertheless, when I pointed at what he did, he got upset, that is to say, gyaku-gire.

  I will explain more of the detail of the final exam day. In the morening, it started raining. So I decided to drive to school instead of riding bike. I stayed at home, studying for the final exam until 9:30 am. My room faces on the driveway, and the desk is by the window, so I like it or not, I see and hear anything happens on the driveway. In that morning, ten minutes before I wrapped up my studying and started preparing for leaving home, which was about 9:20 am, the L (landlord) came into the driveway in his car.

    He parked the car in the middle of the long driveway (about 20 meters), so his car could block my car which I parked inside.  At 9:45 am when I tried to ask him to move his car so I could drive to school, he disappeared although he is usually at home, whenever I am at home. Because of this, I was late for the final exam about 40 minutes.   After I came back home in the afternoon, about 2:00pm, he showed up in the kitchen. I asked him why he was not there when I needed to drive my car.

He did not answer my question clearly. Instead, he apparently got upset (Gyaku-gire). Besides, he strated intimidating me to make believe that blocking my car was a coincidence. So I stopped talking with him. He blamed that my reaction was rude (another Gyaku-gire). He started overtly harassing me two weeks thereafter. Furthermore, he made up an excuse that he has a right to harass me because of my “rude” attitude. Besides, he started insisting that because his car suddenly broke down at that time, he could not move it. However, I did not hear any weird engine sound nor did I see any appearance that he was checking/fixing the car at all.     

In fact, this was not the first time the landlord caused me distress intentionally. About the landlord (and his wife), their harassment against me just became from covert to overt one, and also incredibly meaner. For example, he suddenly stopped letting me use the washing machine. 

    When I tried to wash my clothes on around 8:30 pm on Dec. 13, he siad the machine was broken. The next day, since the washing machine was working, I tried to use the machine. However, he stopped me because he said his wife was sleeping and washing clothes would be too noisy, which turned out to be a lie when his wife came back home eraly in the next morning from her night shift work. On top of that, he sometimes let the other tenant use the washing machine even until midnight before.

    On the third day, Dec. 16, at an early hour, I tried to put my clothes in the machine again. However, he suddenly yelled like an insane person, "This is mine! You cannot use it!" He pulled out the hose of the washing machine and covered the machine with his entire body to block me putting the clothes. I gave up and returned to my room. Shortly after, I heard the landlord loudly scoffing at me with the other tenant in the kitchen. It was obvious that he was purely enjoying causing me disstress. A week later, on Dec. 23, he harassed me in the exactly same way -- with the dryer machine.

   Concerning unnatural shifts of his emotions, the manipulation of his brain by E.L.F. waves is suspected.  According to Dr. Puharich’s findings, 10.80 Hz of E.L.F. waves, so called “Riot Hz,” can cause riotious behavior. Some scientists such as Nick Begici consider E.L.F. waves to be used for mind control experiments, for example, MK Ultra.

   On top of that, it is very likely that he has serious personality problems, such as anti-social personality disorder. As a matter of fact, on Dec. 16, he persistently yelled and disturbed me washing my clothes in order to cause me distress on purpose— besides, he was obviously feeling joy with watching me stressed out. In fact, although he was drinking beer at that moment, insulting and yelling, including scoffing at me for fulfilling his catharsis, are his usual behaviors. In fact, L, the Chinese landlord, always calls me “Xiao-Reben (小日本).” This Chinese word literally means “Small Japanese.” He uses the word to look down on the Japanese. Nonetheless, he is apparently projecting his inferiority complex on the Japanese. In addition, when I stopped arguing why he blocked my car on the final exam day, he blamed me that it was “rude.” Probably, he was projecting his own rudeness on me.  In other words, the state of his mind is always reflected on his saying and doing.  


    Later on that day, two friends of the landlord's, who speak better English, came to “mediate” us (at least on the surface). The two, who knew him for years, mentioned behind him that he has a bad personality. In addition, they were aware that a series of mean acts the landlord committed to me was intentional harrasment. On the other hand, the landlord distorted the story, and desperately tried to make me sound like a bad person while faking himself to be innocent. Nonetheless, again his friends agreed behind him that the landlord has personality problems —particularly, merciless, dishonest and emotionally instable characters.


    Besides, one of his friends knew that the landlord's aim was to eveict me, as is often the case with a COINTELPRO perpetrator. David Lawson (2007), one of the most renowned researcher of gang stalking crime, points out that expelling a victim from community is one of the goals of organized stalking crime. However, legally, morally, and ethically I never caused problems in living there. Actually, I never bothered other residents in the house. Therefore, the landlord had to create a series of troubles to cause me distress so I would feel like moving out on my own.  I said to his friend: "After all, this is a Chinese way of harrassment.” His friend (Taiwanese) insisted that that was not Chinese but "his (Mainland Chinese)" way.

The next day, Dec. 17, the landlord’s harassment group used another technique --
disconnecting my internet access. I asked him if his computer also had the Internet connection problem, but he just said, "I do not know." He ignored my concern and I could not use the Internet for two days. This type of harassment happened before, too.


   A friend of mine told me that L's (the landlord) behaviors may be infulenced by a recent political conflict created by the Chinese government. In fact, concerning the territorial dispute between Japan and China, this year some Chinese riots destroyed and robbed properties of innocent Japanese people. I also received email from Japan Consulate in L.A. that warned not to near the Chinese mobs.  

, those Chinese are merely using the political conflict as an excuse to violate the human rights of innocent Japanese or even to commit crimes against Japanese. It is well known that Chinese mass who participate in "anti-Japanese" demostraions usually get paid by the govenment. As a matter of fact, they are insulting Japanese to get money. In this manner, the Mainland Chinese government brainwashes(洗脳)their own people since they were child to make them harm assumed "enemies" including Japanese, so that the mass Chinese would not riot against their own government (See "The Cultural Revolution and its Propaganda Method ). This is called displacement in Social Psychology. By the way, the word “brainwash” originally came from the Chinese word, 洗脳, which literally means "washing brain."  [Advertisement] VPS

Rich (2009) reports in his book "The Hidden Evil" that "They (NSA, etc.) have demonstrated the ability to influence (brainwash) large groups of people, and they have mastered the art of creating mind-control cults that they apparently learned from...the Chinese."

    Likewise, L seems to receive “incentives” to commit COINTELPRO harassment against me. As already mentioned, last Sunday a Taiwanese old man (L’s friend) came to our house to “mediate” us. When we were tensely arguing which of us was telling the truth, this Taiwanese man suddenly asked L in Chinese if he went to Las Vegas. L answered he did, and explained the details. Actually, L went to Las Vegas twice in Fall, each time for about a week.

  However, his question about Las Vegas popped up in the middle of serious quarelling about why my car was blocked on the final exam day, and why L did not let me use the washing machine. It would not make sense unless going to Las Vegas had something to do with the L’s harassment.
Lo and behold, after talking about Las Vegas, the Taiwanese old man's attitude flipped -- in the beginning he was empathic with me, but after he heard about "Las Vegas," he started defending L. Hence, it can be inferred that the COINTELPRO/Chinese agents may provide the perpetrators engaged in oraganized harassment with "comfort in Las Vegas" to mind control them.  Besides, for COINTELPRO conductors, the conflict between Japanese and Chinese matches their tactic of “Devide & Conqure” as well. Thus, the political conflict is a mere pretext for the Chinese to self-justify their crimes against the Japanese. In a nutshell, the Chinese violate human rights of the innocent Japanese in order to fulfill their primitive desires. 

    Anyways, it is well known that due to economic discrepancy, the tense between the rich and poor is dangerously high in Mainlad China. Thus, the Beijing government intentionally drives their people into harassing the Japanese so that the Chinese mass’s frustration will not flare up and vent anger against their own government. In other words, the Chinese use the Japanese as an outlet of their frustration, that is to say, the theory of "scape goat" in Social Psychology. Moreover, these terror attacks (covert crimes) are apparently sponsored by their government accoring to Rich's book "The Hidden Evil."  What is worse, most Japanese tend to be quite patient with inhumane treatments, and less often claim the individual rights. Therefore, most Chinese take it for granted to exploit the Japanese without sense of shame nor guilt. This is why those Chinese perpetrators react in
gyaku-gire when their covert crimes are disturbed.

    Please note that these are all happening in the U.S. Considering the muti-ethnic society under COINTELPRO’s “Devide & Conqure” tactic, the young generation of Americans will imitate these cult-like Chinese techniques for hate crimes and other purposes –or some of them may already have. Thus, it will not be long before the U.S. becomes like Mainland China unless those who have conscience make some efforts to prevent it.
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Lawson, D. (2007), Caused Stalking. Scrambling News.
Rich, M. (2009), The Hidden Evil.

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